AccuReg Acquires Digital Patient Engagement Technology Company

Acquisition Adds Zenig's Innovative Technology to AccuReg's Market-Leading Patient Access Solutions

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Nov. 17, 2020 - AccuReg, a healthcare technology solutions company offering a full suite of front-end revenue cycle management solutions for health systems and hospitals, has acquired Orlando-based Zenig, an innovator in patient engagement technology solutions that enable touchless check-in, virtual waiting rooms, patient flow and bi-directional communication methods, all of which improve patient safety.

This acquisition aligns with AccuReg's strategy to build on its market-leading patient access suite and seamlessly integrate digital patient engagement with the revenue cycle to help health systems protect and grow net revenue as patients assume tasks traditionally handled by hospital staff.

"This acquisition is transformative for our company and, ultimately, the health systems we serve. By combining Zenig's innovative digital patient engagement technology with AccuReg's market-leading, front-end revenue cycle management solutions, we can provide health systems with solutions that give healthcare consumers an experience similar to shopping on Amazon while preventing denials, increasing pre-service revenue and reducing downstream costs," said AccuReg CEO and Founder Paul Shorrosh. "Together, we will set the standard for seamless digital patient access and engagement that will strengthen health systems' brands and attract more patients to their facilities."

With the demand for digital patient engagement technology at an all-time high due to COVID-19 and looming price transparency deadlines, hospitals must deliver consumer-friendly digital patient access solutions that support both patient safety and consumerism. AccuReg has been at the forefront of price transparency solutions, offering health systems payment estimation and payment tools that deliver accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates to consumers. With the Zenig acquisition, AccuReg will offer fully automated digital patient access solutions that allow patients to engage online using digital messaging via their smartphones, tablets and computers, while enabling a singular patient experience when accessing care across entire health systems.

"AccuReg shares our mission of serving health systems with innovations that improve the patient experience while helping providers capture full reimbursement for their services," said Zenig CEO Shawn Zimmerman. "Consumers want to engage with healthcare similarly to how they book travel with companies like Expedia or Travelocity. By joining AccuReg, we will provide patients with that experience and seamlessly integrate it with the revenue cycle to deliver a win-win."

Zimmerman will join the AccuReg leadership team and all other Zenig employees will continue to serve customers from the company's Orlando office.