Celebrating 15 Years of Incredible Leaders

Celebrating 15 Years of Incredible Leaders

Following are the 15 classes of Women to Watch. Some of these trailblazers have happily retired after a career of service. Others have moved to other positions and taken up new challenges since they were first recognized. Sadly, we've lost some of our shining stars over the years, as well. But all of these leaders have left their impact.

During this anniversary year, we tip our hat to all the wonderful women who have made a difference in the healthcare industry. As we celebrate the legacy of these women, we also look forward to opening nominations next January to honor even more change agents who are transforming the way we deliver and consume healthcare in a compliant, efficient, evidence-based, patient-centric manner. If there's one thing the coronavirus has made clear, it's that everyone working in healthcare in any capacity is truly a hero to the patients, families and communities served.


Nancy Chescheir, MD

Staci Davis, MD

Karen Duffy, MD

Kathryn Edwards, MD

Latonya Knott, MD

Valerie Montgomery-Rice, MD

Sue Ross

Jamie Waselenko, MD

Cindy Wedel

Debra Wollaber


Shari Barkin, MD

Susan Cooper, MSN, RN

Martha Jo Edwards, EdD

Maria de Fatima Lima, PhD

Connie Graves, MD

Wendy Long, MD

Beth Malow, Beth, MD

Melissa Waddey

Nancy West

Denise Yardley, MD


Nancy Anness, MSN

Mary Bufwack, PhD

Stephanie Hatcher, MD

Nancy Denning Martin

Lynn Matrisian, PhD

Anna-Gene O'Neal

Jennifer Pietenpol, PhD

Margaret Rush, MD

Dee Anna Smith

Debbie Cagle Wells


Judy Aschner, MD

Colleen Conway-Welch, PhD, FAAN

Concepcion (Conchita) Martinez, MD

Patsy Powers

Beth Price

Karen Rhea, MD

Anne Wilkins

Laura Williams, MD

Mary Ann Woodward-Smith

Caroline Young


Kasey Anderson

Jan Lewis Brandes, MD

Donna Gilley

Jan Goodson

Jone Koford

Bonnie Miller, MD

Bonnie Pilon, PhD, FAAN

Gloria Richard-Davis, MD

Leigh Walton

Elizabeth Williams, PhD


Misty Sperry Chambers, RN

Joann Ettien, RN

Heidi Hamm, PhD

Gwinnett Ladson, MD

Jennifer McAnally

Debbie Roberts, RN

Rhonda Sides

Catherine Stallworth, MD

Denise Warren

Jeanne Yeatman, MOM, RN, EMT


Nancy Brown, MD

Monet Carnahan, RN

Michelle Covington

Jill Grandas, RN

Susan Earl Hosbach

Michele Johnson

Laura Lawson, MD

Kelly Miller, Kelly

Dawn Rudolph

Janet Southerland, DDS


Patsy Brown

Cherryl Carlson

Molly Cate

Marilyn Dubree, MSN, RN

Janice Huckaby, MD

Angela Humphreys

Susan Newbold, PhD

Nancy Peacock, MD

Pam Womack

Wendy Wright


Anne Sumpter Arney

Jennifer Elliott, RN

Cherae Farmer-Dixon, DDS

Heather Greene

Beth Connor Guest

Beth Hail

Suzan Logan

Linda Norman, DSN, RN, FAAN

Susan Wente, PhD

Andrea Wills, MD


Christy Tosh Crider

Lauren Hackett

Christina Lohse, MD

Lisa Nix

Rosemary Plorin

Heather Rohan

Lynn Simon, MD

Cathy Taylor, DrPH, MSN, RN

Ellyn Wilbur


Sharon Adkins, MSN

Stephanie Bailey, MD

Beth Chase

Kriste Goad

Hayley Hovious

Rita Johnson-Mills

Amy Leopard

Divya Shroff, MD

Nancy Shultz

Karen Springer


Lucy Carter

Jennifer Domm, MD

Amy Johnston Little

Lisa Kachnic, MD

Linda Marzialo

June Patterson

Nita Shumaker, MD

Amber Sims

Corina Tracy

Michele Williams, MD


Karen Cassidy, MD

Joanna Conley

Yvette Doran

Jana Dreyzehner, MD

Claire Cowart Haltom

Veronica Mallett, MD

Mandi Ryan

Katie Tarr

Robin Williams, MD

Kinika Young


Katina Beard

Velinda Block, DNP, RN

DeAnn Bullock, MD

Chris Clarke

Nicole Cottrill

Lisa Davis

Kristen Johns

Rebecca Leslie

Gina Pruitt

Jeanne Wallace, DVM


Tatum Hauck Allsep

Jackie Cavnar

Tina Gerardi, RN

Julie Gray, DDS

Pam Jones, DNP, RN, FAAN

Nicole McCoin, MD

Amber Price, DNP, RN

Cindy Reisz

Jodie Robison, PhD

Melissa Scalise, MD