Cooper, Dickerson Launch Project Register

Cooper, Dickerson Launch Project Register

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper and State Sen. Steve Dickerson are excited to launch Project Register, a new nonpartisan effort to raise awareness about online voter registration in Middle Tennessee.

Ranked 40th in voter registration and 50th in voter turnout, Tennessee is home to more than 838,000 adults who are not registered to vote. After working together to boost Nashville high school registration rates by 85 percent in 2015, Rep. Cooper and Sen. Dickerson hope to raise voter registration rates across all of Middle Tennessee, where eligible voters work, live, learn and play.

Engaging businesses, nonprofits and other organizations, Rep. Cooper and Sen. Dickerson are encouraging Project Register participants to incorporate online voter registration into their new-employee onboarding process. Project Register participants also will remind employees twice annually to register to vote online.

More than 70 organizations representing more than 125,000 employees have signed up to participate in Project Register.

Please click here for a "one-pager" all about Project Register.