Innovative Health Tech Company DARVIS Partners With Olive Providing Powerful Automated Solutions To Hospitals

DARVIS (Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System), a pioneer in the digitization of hospital logistics, hygiene and process documentation through AI technology, announced a strategic partnership with Olive, the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare. The partnership enables the hospitals and healthcare organizations using Olive's enterprise AI platform to leverage DARVIS solutions, including rapid hygiene check, bed logistics, medical inventory, and sterile equipment completeness.

"We're thrilled with our partnership with Olive--the future of healthcare sits at the core of AI technology," said DARVIS Co-Founder Jan Schlueter. "Together, we're revolutionizing manual processes and limiting administrative tasks so healthcare professionals can focus on their expertise and personal approach to ultimately provide the patient with an exceptional experience."

DARVIS is a productivity as a service platform (PaaS) that digitizes objects and processes through AI powered computer vision technology, enabling it to provide real-time analysis of environments and situations. For example, DARVIS' Rapid Hygiene Check (RHC) uses sensors to determine in real-time whether hospital personnel are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment required in the area of the hospital they are working. The company's Bed Tracking System is a tool that notifies personnel of the condition, cleanliness, or availability of hospital beds or medical devices in a specific area. This computer vision and AI-based system can trigger action alerts to medical staff and is 20 times more accurate than current radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions.

"As we strive to build the true Internet of Healthcare for hospitals and medical systems, we're ecstatic to partner with companies like DARVIS that are in line with that mission, "said Patrick Jones, executive vice president, partnerships, Olive. "We're proud to be able to better support our country's dedicated healthcare workforce. Overall, empowering these workers to rededicate time and enhance the level of care provided to their patients."

DARVIS solutions will work seamlessly with Olive's powerful AI platform to drive automation further into healthcare organizations and hospitals. The partnership is already well underway, with implementation happening at several Olive customers sites. DARVIS technology has already been implemented in Europe, where the company has seen a correlation between operational improvements and an increased number of surgeries performed, proving that automated AI technology can help workers direct more time to patient care.

To learn more about DARVIS and its mission to make healthcare more efficient, visit their website here. To learn more about Olive, visit