Neighborhood Health Expands HIV PrEP Program to End HIV Epidemic

Neighborhood Health has expanded its HIV PrEP program. This medication, proven to prevent HIV infection, is available at all 13 Neighborhood Health locations in Middle Tennessee.

"The expansion of PrEP as a regular part of primary care is a vital tool in ending the HIV epidemic in Nashville by preventing new infections among at-risk populations. I applaud Neighborhood Health's efforts to expand PrEP and improve the health of Nashville," said Mayor David Briley.

"As the largest provider of primary care in and around Nashville, Neighborhood Health is doing everything we can to stop the spread of HIV," said Brian Haile, CEO of Neighborhood Health. "If every primary care provider in Middle Tennessee rises to the challenge and incorporates HIV PrEP as an integral part of primary care, we really can end the HIV epidemic."

Neighborhood Health's My House clinic in Antioch was one of the first sites in Nashville to prescribe HIV PrEP. Beginning April 2, all 13 locations of Neighborhood Health will have the ability to prescribe the FDA-approved medication. The CDC notes that the one-a-day pill reduces sex-related infection by more than 90% and injection drug-use related risk by more than 70%.

Neighborhood Health provides PrEP to everyone at risk of HIV infection, regardless of ability to pay. For those with insurance, Neighborhood Health can provide assistance with deductibles or co-pays. For those who do not have insurance, services are low-cost or free. Neighborhood Health also provides medication support and help with adherence.

Call Neighborhood Health at 615-227-3000 for additional information about HIV PrEP.