Nurses on Boards Coalition Announces CVS Health as Founding Strategic Partner

WASHINGTON, DC - The Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC), an organization committed to building healthier communities through the service of nurses on all types of boards, has announced today that CVS Health has become a Founding Strategic Partner. With clear alignment of mission, vision and goals, CVS Health has made a commitment to support the work of the Coalition.

NOBC formed in response to the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing Report which identified the need for nurses to bring their knowledge and strategic expertise about health and healthcare into greater leadership positions. The Coalition's intent is to ensure that at least 10,000 nurses are on boards by 2020, as well as raise awareness that all boards would benefit from the unique perspective of nurses to achieve the goals of improved health and efficient and effective health care systems at the local, state and national levels.

"CVS Health is pleased to work with the Nurses on Boards Coalition to ensure that nurses and nurse practitioners are not only leaders in health care but also leaders in their community," said Angela Patterson, DNP, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, MinuteClinic and Vice President, CVS Health. "At CVS Health, we know the value that those in the nursing profession bring to our workplace. We hope that by supporting this coalition we are able to help connect our providers with organizations that can utilize their health care expertise to further the organizations' own health-focused missions."

"CVS Health has an admirable track record of thought leadership, innovation and commitment to improving health in communities across our nation. We are honored and proud to work together, as partners, to advance more nurses to serve on boards to make strategy and policy decisions that promote a culture of health," said Marla J. Weston, PhD, RN, FAAN, NOBC Board Chair.

As a Founding Strategic Partner, CVS Health will make a significant and essential contribution to NOBC's efforts to improve health in communities across our nation.

Nurse leaders that are currently serving on a board, or would like to be considered for a board seat, are encouraged to visit