Saint Thomas Midtown Is First Hospital In Middle Tennessee With Latest Generation Robotic Surgery Platform

Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital has become the first hospital in Middle Tennessee to add the newest 4th generation da Vinci X® robotic surgical system to its operating room. By adding this surgical robot, Saint Thomas Health now has a suite of seven da Vinci systems in its hospitals. Surgeons at Saint Thomas Midtown Health have a history of clinical outcome improvements using da Vinci surgery and now will have better access to the da Vinci robotic surgical systems, which ultimately will allow a larger number of patients to benefit from a minimally invasive surgery offering.

Surgeons trained on the da Vinci systems are able to view the surgical site using magnified 3D HD technology, enabling them to make precise adjustments to their instruments. Precision in the operating room translates into favorable outcomes for patients, including less blood loss, less pain, less risk of infection, minimal scarring, and reduced recovery time.

The da Vinci X®, the latest robot available from Intuitive Surgical, Inc., offers advanced surgical capabilities, similar to its predecessor, the da Vinci Xi®. Versatile anatomical access, improved visual definition using an advanced endoscope, and thinner, longer arms to extend operative reach are features of the new system that can be used for a wide spectrum of minimally invasive procedures including hepatobiliary, colorectal, cardiac, thoracic, gynecology/oncology, urology, and general surgery.

Dr. Michael Stany, Gynecologic Oncologist and Medical Director of Robotics at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital, was the first to operate and use the new da Vinci X® robotic system at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital: "The hospital's investment in growing our surgical capabilities with the most advanced robotics systems demonstrates Saint Thomas Health's commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality of care."

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