Texas Hospital Association Partners with Stratasan To Bring Powerful Claims Data Tool to Hospitals

In a forward thinking move by a hospital association, Texas Hospital Association (THA), the leadership organization and principal advocate for the state's hospitals and health care systems, has partnered with technology company, Stratasan, creator of proprietary software tools and specialized services, to give THA member hospitals access to the visual intelligence platform, Launch Pathway, through the association's Compass data program. This move will provide hospitals with powerful outmigration and physician referral insights to help steer business development efforts.

The partnership brings a strategic planning platform that can transform complex market data into straightforward insights. From detailed service line details, demographic information and powerful outmigration analysis, THA's Compass program enables hospital leadership teams to understand where service lines lose patients. By being able to sort and drill down into data to the provider-level, hospitals can make smarter decisions and better align with their community's needs.

By integrating this technology for their Compass subscribers, THA gives hospitals of every size and type access to a solution that will benefit how hospital leaders analyze patient trends. Compass subscribers will be able to shape growth plans and business intelligence strategies based on the most current market intelligence. The Compass program offers the most robust data set of its kind for hospitals in Texas, and becomes more complete with each new hospital that joins. Key features include high-quality data visualization, reliable market overviews, easily shareable reporting, and simple to understand analysis.

"THA's enhancement of Compass with Stratasan's Launch Pathway provides clearer, more insightful data with a richer experience. For many of our hospitals, the Compass enhancements are a much more affordable way to use the latest data technology to help craft business decisions." said Fernando Martinez, THA's chief digital officer.

The demand for a tool that can consolidate and visualize health care market data and speed up the data analysis process has grown significantly as hospital leaders face difficult financial and operational decisions. Stratsan's suite of tools removes the roadblock of data crunching and creates opportunity for the valuable work of strategy and planning.

"THA has truly broken the mold for hospital associations with their acquisition of the Launch Pathway technology. They have acquired a tool that will benefit their members by allowing them to respond more effectively to market changes and by fundamentally changing the way they do their jobs," said Jason Moore, Founder and CEO, Stratasan.

For media requests and interviews, contact Jennifer Keller, Marketing Director at jennifer@stratasan.com. For a demonstration of the Launch Pathway tool, contact Sean Conway, Manager, Sales at sean@stratasan.com.