TriStar Centennial Debuts Prone 3D Biopsy

TriStar Centennial Medical Center recently became the first hospital in Tennessee to offer tomosynthesis, also known as 3D, imaging-guided breast biopsy utilizing the Hologic® Affirm® Prone Breast Biopsy System.

Affirm's Prone Biopsy System is the world's first and only dedicated prone biopsy system to offer both 2D and 3D imaging-guided breast biopsies. 3D guidance provides the most accurate targeting of breast lesions, including those that can be challenging to detect with conventional techniques. The new technology provides an advanced, minimally invasive alternative to a surgical excisional biopsy and allows the patient to rest comfortably lying down with the biopsy instruments out of sight. Additionally, the technology allows for shorter patient procedure time and fewer X-ray exposures resulting in reduced patient dose.