Caduceus Capital Partners Launches Health System Innovation Council

Mar 22, 2021 at 03:38 pm by Staff

As healthcare delivery rapidly evolves, established providers aspire to be the first to access cutting-edge digital health solutions. Thus, Caduceus Capital Partners, LLC has launched the Health System Innovation Council (HSIC) a powerful strategic alliance that brings Caduceus' proven early stage digital health investment model to health systems wanting access to transformative technologies.

With this new endeavor, the HSIC aligns Caduceus Capital Partners and Florida Community Health Network (FCHN). FCHN is an investment company that was established by the Memorial Foundation (Foundation) in furtherance of the Foundation's mission to support programs and initiatives for Memorial Healthcare System (MHS). This alignment will help guide new digital health companies and drive broader market impact. Caduceus Capital Partners is actively seeking additional health systems from around the country to join this strategic alliance.

As part of the partnership, Caduceus Capital Partners will gain insights into strategic imperatives for Memorial Healthcare System and the opportunity to connect promising entrepreneurs with potential customers. At the same time, FCHN receives access to Caduceus Capital Partners' robust deal flow, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with peers and develop products to fit specific needs. FCHN will play an active role in influencing the fund's investments by aligning the strategic goals of the health system and representing the voice of the customer.

"Thanks to our extensive network and deep experience in the healthcare industry, Caduceus Capital Partners teams up with exceptional early stage digital health companies. These entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions with a strong product-market fit," said Scott Kolesar, managing partner, Caduceus Capital Partners. "By designing these efforts alongside health system partners, our companies can fast-track testing, scaling and adoption efforts and ensure they are creating positive change for health systems and their stakeholders."

The HSIC offers investment sourcing and industry relationships across the U.S., while bringing together leading companies with demonstrated experience in providing digital health solutions to millions of Americans.

"Florida Health Community Network invests in healthcare ventures and providers, in order to provide more efficient and lower cost healthcare services to the community. That means constantly working to bring innovative technologies to MHS that support their mission" said Paul Sallwasser, CEO, FCHN. "HSCI is a powerful strategic advantage in staying ahead of a very dynamic digital health marketplace."

"Bringing innovation to our care model is a top priority. Through HSIC, we are excited about having unique, in-depth access to insights from the nation's top digital health companies, which ensures that we remain on the forefront of technology as we enter the new age of healthcare," said Jeff Sturman, Senior Vice President and CIO, Memorial Healthcare System.

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