Healthpilot Creates New Medicare Shopping, Enrollment Experience

Nov 22, 2021 at 09:42 am by Staff

Nashville-based Healthpilot recently launched an intuitive, online shopping and enrollment experience for individuals searching for the best Medicare option to suit their personal needs.

"The large and growing senior population in the U.S. has been poorly served by the healthcare market to solve for one of the most basic and important life decisions they face in retirement - making sure they have the right Medicare insurance coverage for their health and economic needs," explained David Francis, Healthpilot's CEO. "The Healthpilot platform is built with each individual customer at the center of our mission - to make healthcare easy, efficient and effective for every consumer."

The all-digital comparison, recommendation and enrollment platform transforms the research process without being overwhelming to maneuver. "We have seen seniors embrace digital technology in rapidly increasing fashion in recent years, accelerated further by the impact of Covid on their daily lives. Beyond being the fastest growing users of apps like Facebook, over 90 percent of seniors are regular users of the internet; and they are the fastest growing consumers of online shopping and other digital services," explained Francis. "The challenge for us at Healthpilot has been to make our experience Amazon-like in its simplicity and confidence-inspiring in its insurance recommendations so that seniors are delighted by the experience and enroll online."

He added customers who have questions can reach out to "our licensed service 'co-pilots' either by phone, chat or email. Our service is designed to be 'white glove' in nature, meeting every need of our senior customer."

The platform compares a full complement of Medicare options, including Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Prescription Drug plans. Customers provide demographic information and answer a few questions about how they utilize healthcare. Healthpilot uses that data to search thousands of health insurance claims to find people who use healthcare in a similar way. Healthpilot then predicts what coverage the customer would get from each available plan and what it would cost before delivering highly personalized recommendations for plans offering the best coverage for the customer's needs. Customers can compare plans side-by-side and enroll right then. However, there is no obligation to enroll, and services provided to customers are free.

In estimating costs, Healthpilot not only factors in copays and premiums but also considers deductibles, coinsurance and prescriptions to present a more accurate cost profile. Even after selecting a plan for the year, the platform will alert users if a different plan becomes available that might be a better option so that appropriate consideration can be given during the next open enrollment period.

"Our leadership team has vast experience in serving the healthcare and health insurance needs of seniors and in building unique technology solutions for consumers," said Francis. "We have seen for decades how underserved the senior population is in finding the right help to find the best Medicare insurance for their particular needs, and in accessing the healthcare market with knowledge and confidence to get what they need," he continued of the impetus behind launching the company.

"Our mantra - Customer first ... Always - speaks to this commitment. Our goal is to transform the health insurance and healthcare experience for millions of seniors across the country. We believe that our platform and tools are of unique value to every single one of the 65 million seniors in the US," he concluded.



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