NMGMA: Providing Support for Practice Managers

Nov 22, 2021 at 01:45 pm by Staff

Hayden Cook

What makes healthcare exciting also makes it challenging. For those on the administrative end, wearing a lot of hats - from marketing and human resources to revenue cycle management and logistics - comes with the territory. Add in a constantly changing regulatory landscape and tight workforce market, and it's easy to see why both new and seasoned professionals rely on organizations like the Nashville Medical Group Management Association (NMGMA) to provide critical educational and professional development resources.

Recently, Nashville Medical News had the opportunity to chat with local leadership to discuss the value of the organization to practices across all specialties and sizes.Hayden Cook, director of Payor Contracting with Bon Secours Mercy Health, was installed as NMGMA president in October. Kathi Carney, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CHC, director of Physician Business Solutions with LBMC, is NMGMA immediate past-president.

NMN: You both have busy jobs, yet you give your time and talent to NMGMA. What does this organization provide to practice administrators?

Cook: NMGMA is an opportunity to join a wonderful organization and meet and network with individuals in a variety of roles in medical groups across Middle Tennessee. We also offer invaluable resources such as ways to obtain CMPE credits, monthly member meetings with speakers and topics from wide sectors of the industry, and social events, as well.

Kathi Carney

Carney: NMGMA has been a constant in my career. It helps build bonds with other practice managers that last a lifetime. Having other professionals and peers to bounce ideas and issues off of is invaluable. I also feel new administrators can find mentors that will always be there for them as they learn and grow in their careers.

NMN: What is one challenge and silver lining practices have faced while providing care during a pandemic?

Carney: Practices definitely are facing staffing shortages, which can cause burn out. To combat this, we as leaders, need to be cognizant of how our employees are doing. We need to make every effort to ensure that team members can get some down time to decompress.

Thinking of silver linings, I think healthcare has had to reimagine what an office visit looks like. (Practices) have had to become creative in order to make a telehealth appointment feel like an in-person visit, which I feel has led to more of a connection with the patients.

NMN: What's the best piece of work advice you've received or given?

Cook: The best piece of work advice I have been given is don't be afraid to fail and to put yourself out there.

Carney: Everyone is human, and we all can make mistakes. It is what we learn from those mistakes that helps us grow.

For more information on member benefits and upcoming meetings, go online to nahvillemgma.org.

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