Complete Health Partners Expands Services in Hendersonville

Apr 11, 2022 at 03:43 pm by Staff

Adds Wellness Services Now Offering Comprehensive Care


April, 2022, Nashville —Complete Health Partners (CHP), owned and operated by a team of Nashville physicians, is expanding services at its Hendersonville location. Beginning April 2022, the Hendersonville location will join West Nashville and the Downtown Complete Health location in offering both urgent and primary care/wellness services.  

“We are thrilled to offer the same combination of services we deliver in downtown and West Nashville in  Hendersonville, ” shared Ty Babcock, chief executive officer, Complete Health Partners. “With virtual care and expanded treatment options, our objective is to make healthcare patient-centric and cater to busy professionals and families who need both convenience and comprehensive care.”

The CHP Hendersonville is located at 166 Main Street, Hendersonville, TN. Appointments can be made online at

With 30 years of combined emergency medicine expertise, Drs. Babcock, Hadley, and Mickiewicz realized that the medical status quo was failing patients. The pandemic made that characterization all too clear.  With a desire to move patients from expensive ER visits to a comfortable Urgent Care environment and make primary care easy for those managing chronic conditions, the Complete Health Partners model was born. With hours that work around the needs of patient instead of asking patients to miss work to seek care, CHP created an innovative care delivery model. Through options that include both physical and virtual visits CHP is keeping Nashville healthy by offering physician-based care when and where it is needed most. By spending the time necessary to deliver comprehensive care for urgent, wellness and condition specific care,  CHP guides patients back to complete health, so they are able to spend more time living and less time waiting. Visit us at: Complete Health Partners.


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