Panoramic ‘DNA’ Podcast Releases Latest Episode "Reading, Writing, and Anxiety"

Sep 20, 2022 at 03:15 pm by Staff



Vanderbilt Health’s DNA: Discoveries in Action podcast released the latest episode in its 3rd season, “Surviving vs. Thriving: Social Determinants of Wellness,”

Vanderbilt experts discuss whether an individual can fully thrive when their mental and physical health are not in sync, and how environmental factors can affect a person's health and wellbeing. These experts explore these topics through religion and culture, federal and local policy, socioeconomic divides, and how we use language (nouns, verbs and pronouns). 

DNA’s new season is crafted to engage its audience with an experimental, fresh concept that assembles expert voices from VUMC and the community in real-time live chats, which are published as ‘Producer’s Cut’ episodes.

New episodes examining various aspects of mental health will be released every Monday in September on all podcast platforms and at Each episode features guests who have expertise in religion, policy, gender identity, artificial intelligence, psychology, and more. Episode 2, ‘Reading, Writing, and Anxiety’ amplifies the voices of three pediatric and adolescent psychiatrists who see firsthand the impacts of the increasing incidence of mental illness diagnosed in youth, exploring what parents need to know, and how the health care system should adapt.

DNA’s debut season was named Podcast of the Year by Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC). Season 2 was given the Gold Award for Healthcare Podcast by Modern Healthcare and received an Award of Merit from the Nashville chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The series has listeners in over 100 countries and has been recognized among the Top 100 Health & Fitness podcasts on Apple. The series has been featured as one of Apple Podcasts Top Shows in Science.

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