Mission Driven Medical Garment, Heartsnug, has Launched

Sep 19, 2022 at 03:14 pm by Staff


HeartSnug, the developer of the world’s first adjustable and disposable medical chest coverage bra, has officially launched.

HeartSnug was founded by sisters Sara Dorband and Lisa Humiston, along with their lifelong friend, Lauren Orlick. The company’s bra was borne out of Dorband’s personal experiences at various doctor’s appointments throughout her life.  Born with a complex congenital heart defect, Sara had  open-heart surgery as a baby.  Throughout her life, she has experienced the challenges inherent with being subjected to countless medical exams and procedures.  Because of the vulnerabilities she felt due to needing to expose her chest during these visits, often in front of complete strangers, she realized a medical disposable bra would have been an invaluable tool for her to utilize.  When Dorband shared her idea with Humiston and Orlick, they decided to team up to launch HeartSnug.
“When we thought about our own experiences, we saw a need to provide patients with an additional layer of security and privacy in a medical setting,” Dorband explained. “We created HeartSnug in hopes that all women could go to doctors’ appointments, radiation clinics and undergo medical procedures feeling physically and mentally a bit less vulnerable. Humiston added “No one should avoid going to the doctor because they feel their privacy isn’t being respected.  We feel we’ve partially addressed this problem with HeartSnug.”
In the hopes of making the bra valuable to practitioners, the team designed it to be incorporated seamlessly during the examination experience.  The adjustable front Velcro closure and elastic band provide access to the chest area during examinations.  Additionally, the one-time use sports-bra design, which is made from breathable fabric, is x-ray safe and CA Prop 65 complaint. It is currently patent pending.
Orlick emphasized that their business is mission driven and was created to elevate chest coverage, while acknowledging and addressing patients physical and mental health needs.  “We endlessly searched for a garment that currently existed that addressed the vulnerabilities women are facing in these appointments” said Orlick.  “What we found is it doesn’t exist.” 
HeartSnug developed the bra in hopes of filling this void.  They envision the bra being particularly valuable to cardiologists, dermatologists or OBGYNs, in breast cancer radiation clinics, as well as in the ER. Making their product available to demographics such as teens, those with specific religious beliefs, and those struggling with body issues is also very important to the team. Their goal is to get the HeartSnug bra in the hands of clinics and hospitals throughout the country and give back in the process with a charity component.
If you would like to learn more about HeartSnug, please visit the company’s website at www.heartsnug.com 
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