Clinical Study Published in Journal of Wound Care Looks at a Better Solution for Surgical Site Dressings

Oct 07, 2022 at 04:14 pm by Staff


DrySee, a patented film dressing with a colorimetric indicator, could help reduce infections


DrySee®, a medical technology company dedicated to improving wound care, created the first patented wound dressing that will change colors to indicate it should be changed. DrySee was the focus of a new clinical study published in the September issue of Journal of Wound Care. Results concluded that compared to gauze or a 3M Tegaderm + Pad transparent film dressing, 75% of patients preferred the DrySee wound dressing. The DrySee dressing also had a greater wear time and patients reported that it stayed in place better during activities.

DrySee wound coverings have many uses, but the study was acutely focused on the potential to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs). According to the CDC, SSIs have an estimated annual cost of $3.3 billion and they are the leading cause of rehospitalization following a surgery.

DrySee’s liquid indicating, waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering for low exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the gauze barrier around the perimeter of the bandage will turn from a light blue to a dark blue color. The color change alerts the user to change the bandage, knowing that the perimeter seal is broken. If liquid passes through the second adhesive ring and reaches the wound site, or if the wound seeps fluid or exudate, the internal gauze pad will turn a dark blue color, alerting that a bandage change is necessary.

“Showering and other daily living activities after a surgery can dislodge a wound dressing, but patients may not notice that the wound site has been exposed to potential contaminants that could lead to an infection,” said DrySee CEO Brad Greer. “DrySee wound dressings make it simple for patients to know, with a visual cue, if their wound is secure, and this technology could radically change the health care system for the better. Not only can it help reduce unnecessary costs and hospital stays, DrySee dressings could improve patient quality of life and could even potentially help prevent mortalities caused by surgical site infections.”

DrySee liquid indicating bandages are waterproof, sterile, disposable, breathable, non-latex, made in the USA, and are available in three sizes. For more information and ordering, visit

DrySee’s mission is to provide bandage solutions that allow patients to live their lives confidently after surgery. The DrySee team saw a need in the medical industry for a more secure and effective dressing to ensure better post-op healing and created a revolutionary waterproof dressing that changes color to indicate if the bandage has been compromised. The cutting-edge, patented DrySee technology helps to lower both staff and material costs while improving patient compliance and experience. DrySee is positioning itself for growth and future product lines with a new crowdfunding initiative.


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