The Skin Clique Expands Aesthetics Services to Middle Tennessee

Mar 10, 2023 at 02:23 pm by Staff


New Concierge Practice Focuses on Aging Well


Nashville - The Skin Clique, a concierge medical aesthetics practice, has entered the Middle Tennessee market with expansion of its service area in Nolensville and White House, according to founder and CEO Sarah Allen, M.D.

The Skin Clique provides patients with a range of skin care services, delivered in-home with a high level of personal care and consultation. The Nolensville area will be covered by Nurse Practitioner Paige McDonald. The White House area will be managed by Nurse Practitioner Courtney Frensley. The firm has also expanded to Paris Tn, Brooklynn NY, and St. Louis MO in the last month.

“It’s easy to forget to make time for yourself,” said Allen, “all of us are dealing with our daily lives. The Skin Clique focuses on the patient to promote an overall positive experience. We are not an anti-aging brand. We believe in aging well and gracefully through expert, convenient self-care.”

She went on to say that The Skin Clique’s focus on patient care is especially critical these days.

“Concierge home visits are valuable replacement options for their healthcare and skincare needs,” she stated. “The industry is seeing a shift in providers transitioning from brick-and-mortar offices. Concierge medicine is now a better option for a lot of patients – whether it be convenience or lower cost.”

Dr. Allen and her team of providers believe in treating the whole person, both the physical and mental health well-being. The Skin Clique staff receives six months of training in a program Dr. Allen designed and will be provided ongoing education, enabling them to perform at-home Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels, among other aesthetic services.  “Our patients trust us,” said Dr. Allen. “During those visits, we are able to help them navigate their whole health needs. It’s our privilege to listen and connect them with essential medical services to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

The company, which employs more than 215 providers in over 30 states, entered a strategic partnership with Nashville-based investment company Graham Healthcare Capital in early 2022.  As one of Graham’s portfolio companies, The Skin Clique receives support for their operations while continuing to explore growth markets.

The Skin Clique is a medical aesthetics practice that provides patients improved access to medical grade skincare and to providers that offer a personally tailored skincare regimen. Their focus is on aging well through the delivery of concierge medical aesthetics. More information is available at

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Graham Healthcare Capital (GHCC) provides permanent capital solutions to healthcare service and technology companies that have between $5-$75M in annual revenue and up to $10M in profit. GHCC has a differentiated approach that aligns existing leadership with core principles, providing a supportive platform that is focused on long-term, sustainable growth. It is invested in a range of healthcare companies, including home health, hospice, specialty pharmacy, home infusion, and technology. 

More information is available at 

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