Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Launches Volunteer Doula Program for Mothers

May 15, 2023 at 11:53 pm by Staff


Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown is now offering a new specialized volunteer doula program that will serve maternity patients in need of support during pregnancy and delivery. This opportunity was created to increase accessibility of doula support for patients who need it most during labor and may not have the resources to cover this type of service. 


A doula is a certified support person offering emotional and physical help for the laboring patient and sometimes spiritual guidance and advocacy. Recent studies indicate that perinatal outcomes and patient satisfaction experience can be significantly improved with doula support throughout pregnancy and delivery.


“Our goal at Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital is to help every mom experience a delivery that fits her unique needs and vision,” said Dr. Nancy Lipsitz, OB GYN co-management leader, growth and innovation at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown. “Studies have shown that doula support in labor may improve outcomes for women and infants. This continuous support could include emotional support, giving information on coping techniques, providing educational materials, and speaking up on behalf of the laboring mother. Having this type of support can enhance the patient’s confidence, reduce the need for surgical intervention, and improve the labor experience and outcomes for mothers."


“We are so grateful for those who have shown interest in the training sessions and have completed the full volunteer vetting process,” said Dr. Shubhada Jagasia, president and CEO of Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West and Midtown. "They are not only giving back to the Ascension community with their time and expertise in providing positive patient support, but also encouraging mothers to heal physically and emotionally during a vulnerable time.”


You can secure your own private doula support by asking your OB emergency nurse if a volunteer is available at the time you enter the hospital for labor and delivery.

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