VIP Children’s Clinic Announces Partnership with GoCheck Kids to Detect Vision Problems Earlier 

Sep 05, 2023 at 11:23 am by Staff



NASHVILLE − VIP Children’s Clinic has announced a partnership with GoCheck Kids with the goal of detecting vision problems earlier. Early detection plays a significant role in increasing the chances of successful treatment and helps prevent potential long-term vision problems. 

Dr. Hunter Butler, a pediatrician at VIP Children’s Clinics, and his associates have embraced GoCheck Kids photoscreening. They are market leaders in addressing the growing problem of pediatric vision impairment. By incorporating GoCheck Kids photoscreening into their clinics, they can detect issues that could possibly lead to permanent vision loss. This timely intervention means optimal visual development for their patients. VIP has committed to vision screen all patients starting with photoscreening at age 1.   

“Eye alignment abnormalities often have subtle signs, but they can have profound effects on long-term vision,” said Dr. Butler. “We’ve picked up numerous abnormalities with GoCheck Kids that we otherwise wouldn’t have detected at such young ages,” said Dr. Butler. “Earlier detection means earlier corrective treatment when there’s a greater chance for success.” 

Vision issues are one of the most common disabling conditions among U.S. children. Responding to this rapidly growing problem, GoCheck Kids built a solution using pediatricians’ feedback about their challenges in finding time for vision screening during well-child visits and tracking the screening results. 

“GoCheck Kids photoscreening is technology all pediatric practice staff can use,” said Naveen Kathuria, CEO of GoCheck Kids. “The platform easily logs and tracks patient data. We also monitor that information to ensure everyone is properly trained and using it effectively.” He adds, “Our technology is accessible to pediatricians across the country, no matter the size of their practice.” 

GoCheck Kids’ digital solution provides pediatric care teams with an innovative photoscreening and visual acuity test in one platform. The photoscreener was designed especially for young children ages 1-6 who cannot use an eye chart, and the visual acuity test is designed for children ages 4 and older. It goes beyond the basics of vision screening by providing pediatric teams with a cloud-based digital platform where test results are uploaded in real-time. 

Pediatricians who partner with GoCheck Kids gain access to a dedicated Customer Success team that closely interacts with clinic staff for training and continuous product support. Customers have expressed a higher degree of confidence with making appropriate referrals to specialists which can lead to happier and healthier patients.

VIP Children’s Clinics have 34 pediatric providers at 8 locations in the northern middle Tennessee area including Cheatham, Macon, Robertson, and Sumner Counties. The pediatricians at VIP Children’s Clinics believe that easy to access quality care is the key to healthy children. All physicians are board-certified pediatricians, who with a caring and knowledgeable staff, strive to provide the best care possible for children in a kid-friendly environment. 

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GoCheck Kids was founded with the mission of ensuring that every young child is screened for vision impairment. Using the GoCheck Kids device, clinicians can quickly screen a child for vision impairment. Thousands of healthcare providers use GoCheck Kids' technology to detect vision problems early when they can still be treated. These customers have already screened over 4 million children using their technology. 

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