Spiggle Law Firm Opens New Office in Nashville

Sep 20, 2016 at 12:49 pm by Staff

The Spiggle Law Firm, a Washington, D.C.-based employment law firm focusing on wrongful termination and pregnancy and family-care discrimination in the workplace, recently expanded its practice by opening a new office in Nashville.

"Employment discrimination can happen anywhere," said founder Tom Spiggle. "We wanted to bring the expertise and experience that we have helping workers facing difficult situations to even more people in the Southeast, so Nashville seemed like a logical next step given that it is a rapidly growing, city."

The Nashville office is spearheaded by Phillis Rambsy, a seasoned employment attorney who has previously worked in litigation departments at law firms in Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, and Maryland. Aside from her courtroom experience, Rambsy has also conducted employment workshops on anti-discrimination laws, prepared employment agreements and taught college courses on employment law.

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