CMS Provides Critical Tools to Help Improve Access for Millions who Receive Medicaid Home- and Community-based Services

Dec 12, 2023 at 09:52 am by Staff

  New guidance outlines how states can establish important tools to connect individuals needing care with those qualified to provide it. The U.S. Department of Health a.... Read More

Home Test to Treat program extends nationwide

Dec 11, 2023 at 09:33 pm by Staff

  Program now offers testing, telehealth and treatment for COVID-19 and flu.   The federal government has expanded the Home Test to Treat program, an entirely vir.... Read More

FDA Approves First Gene Therapies to Treat Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

Dec 11, 2023 at 03:14 am by Staff

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two milestone treatments, Casgevy and Lyfgenia, representing the first cell-based gene therapies for the treatment of sickle cel.... Read More

Social Security Clawbacks Hit a Million More People Than Agency Chief Told Congress

Dec 11, 2023 at 01:50 am by Staff

  By David Hilzenrath and Jodie Fleischer, Cox Media Group, KFF Health News     The Social Security Administration has demanded money back fr.... Read More

Biden Wants States to Ensure Obamacare Plans Cover Enough Doctors and Hospitals

Dec 11, 2023 at 12:49 am by Staff

  By Julie Appleby, KFF Health News  The Biden administration plans to push states to boost oversight of the number of doctors, hospitals, and other health pr.... Read More

FTC Chief Gears Up for a Showdown with Private Equity

Dec 03, 2023 at 10:01 pm by Staff

By Harris Meyer, KFF Health News A recent Federal Trade Commission civil lawsuit accusing one of the nation’s largest anesthesiology groups of monopolistic practic.... Read More

Uncle Sam Wants You … to Help Stop Insurers’ Bogus Medicare Advantage Sales Tactics

Dec 03, 2023 at 09:56 pm by Staff

By Susan Jaffe, KFF Health News After an unprecedented crackdown on misleading advertising claims by insurers selling private Medicare Advantage and drug plans, th.... Read More

A ‘Concerning’ Sign for the Nation: 1 in 3 People Dropped by Utah Medicaid Left Uninsured

Nov 26, 2023 at 06:19 pm by Staff

  By Phil Galewitz, KFF Health News    About 30 percent of Utah residents who were cut from Medicaid this year say they became uninsured, according to s.... Read More

Biden Administration’s Limit on Drug Industry Middlemen Backfires, Pharmacists Say

Nov 19, 2023 at 01:38 am by Staff

  By Arthur Allen, KFF Health News   The Biden administration’s first major step toward imposing limits on the pharmacy benefit managers who act.... Read More

Physicians: Cancel the Cut to Prevent Medicare from Cratering

Nov 14, 2023 at 04:36 pm by Staff

  NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – Delegates at the Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) forcefully called for fixes to the flawed Medicare payment syste.... Read More