Nashville Post Vital Healthcare Quality Event

Nov 11, 2016 at 10:18 am by Staff

Our friends at Nashville Post and this group of local innovators will showcase their thinking and products and give you a glimpse at how they're improving the quality of care.

• Jim Alcott, CEO of Alcott Marketing Science
• Tammy Hawes, CEO and founder of Virsys12
• Rusty Holman chief medical officer of LifePoint Health
• Damian Mingle, chief data scientists at WPC Healthcare
• Chandra Osborn, VP of health and behavioral informatics at One Drop

The event is free, but does require RSVP for admission.

RSVP here.

5-7 pm | Well Placed Smile | 907 Gleaves Street, Nashville TN 37203

Sections: Grand Rounds