neuroCare Centers of America Opens New Clinic in Nashville Led by West

Oct 22, 2018 at 04:38 pm by Staff

Nashville NeuroCare Therapy Medical Director W. Scott West, MD, is pictured with a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy chair.

Last month, neuroCare Centers of America, part of an international network of brain health centers of excellence dedicated to non-medication neuro therapies for mental health disorders, announced the opening of its newest clinic, Nashville NeuroCare Therapy in Franklin, led by Scott West, MD, a nationally recognized, board-certified psychiatrist.

The clinic delivers scientifically based therapies for depression, ADHD and sleep disorders leveraging the brain's neuro-networks to provide clinical benefits without the use of medications. Nashville NeuroCare Therapy will focus on identifying the cause of disorders and then implementing patient treatment plans.

"As neuroCare researched U.S. market opportunities for new treatment center expansion, Nashville's geographic location, healthcare-centric environment and growing need for safe and effective neuro therapy solutions sparked initial interest," said Stanford Miller, managing director of neuroCare Group America, Inc.

Located in the Cool Springs corridor, Nashville NeuroCare Therapy specializes in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy and QEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) informed Neurofeedback for individuals who have not benefitted from or are not interested in taking psychotropic medications.

"The advent of these innovative non-medication techniques focused on addressing the core of a disorder instead of simply managing symptoms is changing the way we treat mental disorders. Our goal is to get patients truly well, not just better," said West, who serves as medical director for Nashville NeuroCare Therapy.

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