KLAS Research Recognizes Cedar Gate Technologies and Vanderbilt Health for Innovation in Prospective Bundled Payment Program  

May 24, 2022 at 03:18 pm by Staff


Value-based care maternity program implemented for Metro Nashville Public Schools

health plan highlighted as key to lowering maternity and neonatal costs

and improving patient care and satisfaction


Cedar Gate Technologies and Vanderbilt Health have been named as recipients of the KLAS Research Points of Light Award for improving the health and financial outcomes of expectant teachers and their babies on the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) health plan.

The Points of Light Award celebrates success stories—or points of light—from payers, providers and healthcare technology companies that work collaboratively to align care delivery with health plan sponsor initiatives to reduce inefficiencies and improve the patient experience.

“We are honored to be recognized for excellence with our partner Vanderbilt Health and their client, Metro Nashville Public Schools,” said Cedar Gate CEO, David B. Snow, Jr. “Our technology and services platform are purpose-built to support bundled payments, and every payment model our clients encounter as they assume financial risk in healthcare benefits and care management. We look forward to supporting Vanderbilt Health’s continuing success with Metro Nashville Public Schools and its expansion into additional specialties, employers and regions of the country.”

Prior to implementing Vanderbilt’s MyMaternityHealth bundle program, rising neonatal costs threatened employee health and the sustainability of benefits at MNPS. The school system looked for a provider partner that could help them improve outcomes for their employees who may need maternity services through a bundled payment program. Vanderbilt Health’s Employer Solutions team built and designed a system leveraging Cedar Gate’s advanced value-based care platform. Feedback from maternity patients indicated high satisfaction both clinically and financially.

Reported outcomes included:

·        The majority of the care was provided at zero out-of-pocket cost to the patients

·        Net Promoter Score for the services was in the 90th percentile

·        MNPS documented savings of more than $400,000 in the first year

·        C-section delivery rates decreased by 25% in comparison to the market


"We’ve been building this bundled-care approach at Vanderbilt for several years and knew it worked to throw out traditional payment rules and simply focus on patient-centered care,” said C.J. Stimson, MD, JD, Chief Medical Officer of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and Vanderbilt University Employee Health Plans and Senior Vice President of Value Transformation. "We are grateful to have found collaborators like Metro Nashville Public Schools and Cedar Gate that have helped us test and scale this program. This award recognizes how much the MyMaternityHealth bundle is improving the health of moms and babies while also lowering the financial burden for everyone, and that’s work we’re incredibly proud to deliver.”

Vanderbilt Health and Cedar Gate's collaboration, which began with Vanderbilt’s own employee population, has rapidly evolved into a high quality and financially sustainable multi-specialty value-based care program that the health system is offering to self-funded employers. For further information about Vanderbilt Health’s MyHealth Bundles offerings, visit https://www.vanderbilthealth.com/program/myhealth-bundles


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