Nashville Health Care Council Looks Ahead to 2023

Nov 22, 2022 at 11:45 am by LJeter


Nashville Health Care Council President Apryl Childs-Potter discusses challenges to $67 billion industry  


By Lynne Jeter 

Earlier this year, Apryl Childs-Potter took the reins as president of the Nashville Health Care Council. Nashville Medical News connected with Childs-Potter about issues facing Nashville’s $67 billion healthcare ecosystem industry in 2023.


Nashville Medical News: What healthcare issues are top of mind for the Council now and in the next year?

Apryl Childs-Potter: We’re always listening to our members and following the issues affecting them across the industry and in the markets where they do business. Some of the big themes for the year ahead are:

  • Solving the continued challenge of finding and retaining workforce.
  • The impact of technology and innovation within the provider system.
  • How, if or when value-based care truly begins to transform the industry.
  • Telehealth expansion and utilization.
  • The impact of rising demand for behavioral health services and the shortage of clinicians to deliver those services.


NMN: How does the Council plan to “walk the walk,” not just talk the talk, on driving change in Nashville’s healthcare industry and beyond? Can you describe your plan for 2023?

ACP: Our mission is to inspire global collaboration to change healthcare through leadership and innovation. We continue to convene industry leaders for the most crucial conversations and connections in healthcare. In 2023, you’ll see an expanded focus on content around timely trends, policies and innovations impacting the industry. Our expanded Trends & Influencers series will bring those issues to the forefront of the discussion while creating more space for dynamic conversations between leaders. We’re also building more opportunities for engagement across our membership to ensure we’re fostering the most collaborative environment for industry leaders and decision makers. We’re expanding our Delegation in Washington, D.C., to reinforce Nashville’s prominence as a major player in the healthcare sector. We’re excited to continue evolving and introducing new programming to meet our members’ needs and help move the industry forward.


NMN: What can healthcare organizations around the country learn from the Nashville health community?

ACP: Nashville is a special place. Nashville’s collaborative spirit is unparalleled. Healthcare leaders in this city are dedicated to building a strong ecosystem. Our healthcare industry cluster is a model for other parts of the country that are working to build a better economy by strengthening one industry cluster. The companies here have helped build and attract a vibrant pool of talented leaders and entrepreneurs who are constantly innovating, starting new businesses, sharing ideas, and enriching the community. The Council originated from the realization that these healthcare leaders (even from competitive organizations) needed a place to come together and solve issues facing the healthcare industry.


NMN: What key points / trends do you anticipate seeing in the 2023 economic impact report?

ACP: The headline coming out of our 2023 economic impact report will be tremendous growth. Since our last report, Nashville has seen a continued influx of investment, technology and talent migration that’s served as fuel for rapid expansion and diversification of healthcare industry subsectors in our region’s economy. I believe we are one of the largest – if not the largest – regions for behavioral health companies. We’ve experienced significant growth in all aspects of health tech. Our traditional stronghold in hospital services remains strong, but there’s even more to the picture now.

The 2023 economic impact report will also feature data on both local and global healthcare revenue, careers, and community impact. According to the Labor Department, employment in healthcare has risen by an average 47,000 per month so far in 2022. I anticipate we’ll see a significant spike in the economic impact of the healthcare industry in Middle Tennessee.


NMN: The midterm elections are a hot topic. How will the Council tackle important issues and advocacy if the balance of power shifts?

ACP: Our role doesn’t change regardless of who is in office. Our job is to bring healthcare leaders together to share their perspectives, discuss the most pressing issues facing the industry and build powerful collaborations that drive solutions. No matter where the political balance shifts, the Council will maintain a collaborative, nonpartisan environment.