Rallying Around Clinical Trial Programs

Dec 06, 2022 at 10:49 pm by LJeter

   Why it’s time to talk about paying clinical trial participants more money   By LYNNE JETER   For the last three years, clinical trials have g.... Read More

New ANA CEO Discusses New Horizons for Neurology and Neuroscience in 2023

Nov 23, 2022 at 10:10 am by LJeter

  By Lynne Jeter From preparing the next generation of scientists, to sharing how primary care doctors can improve care for neurological disorders, to addressing dispar.... Read More

Nashville Health Care Council Looks Ahead to 2023

Nov 22, 2022 at 11:45 am by LJeter

  Nashville Health Care Council President Apryl Childs-Potter discusses challenges to $67 billion industry     By Lynne Jeter  Earlier this year, Apryl.... Read More

Easing the Toll of PTSD for Military Veterans

Aug 21, 2022 at 07:56 pm by LJeter

     Only 10 VA facilities offer the game changing SGB procedure   By Lynne Jeter  An intricate shot in the neck has proven to be a much needed &.... Read More

The State of Healthcare Construction

Jun 09, 2022 at 09:35 pm by LJeter

  The pandemic set in motion radical changes in building and renovating hospitals, clinics and medical practices     By Lynne Jeter    The 2020.... Read More

New Clinical Guidance in Neuropalliative Care

Jun 06, 2022 at 05:23 pm by LJeter

   "Neurologists provide palliative care to people living with life-altering neurologic illnesses not just at the end of life but throughout the course of a disease.... Read More

New Clinical Guidance in Neuropalliative Care

May 30, 2022 at 11:01 am by LJeter

 Training is needed for serious illness communication.   By Lynne Jeter  Neurologists provide palliative care to people living with life-altering neurologic.... Read More

American Nurses Association Reveals Top Federal Legislative Priorities

Mar 24, 2022 at 12:06 am by LJeter

   Health system transformation eclipses other issues   By Lynne Jeter  The American Nurses Association (ANA) recently unveiled its leading federal leg.... Read More

AHLA’s Top 10 Health Law Issues to Watch in 2022

Mar 04, 2022 at 09:13 pm by LJeter

By Lynne Jeter   The American Health Law Association (AHLA) recently revealed the top 10 health law issues to watch this year as the pandemic rolls on and Congress scru.... Read More